Tuesday, 14 April 2015

150 years after Lincoln’s Assassination, global grief is revealed


If Abraham Lincoln were assassinated today, word of the tragedy would spread within seconds. Smartphone video of John Wilkes Booth shooting the president would appear on YouTube and Facebook within minutes and before the end of the day nations around the world would join the U.S. in mourning our fallen leader, much of it would likely appear on Twitter.

150 years ago, the gears of information moved at a more, shall we say, glacial pace and nation states around the globe learned of the tragedy over the course of days, weeks and even months. There was neither social, nor media to carry word of Lincoln and his Secretary of State William Seward’s fate. Lincoln was, on April 14, 1865, fatally wounded in the Ford Theater as he watched a performance of Our American Cousin. Seward, who was stabbed in his bed, would ultimately survive. Read more...

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