Friday, 3 April 2015

It Shouldn't Be This Hard Keeping Elite Customers Loyal

Technology is one of the ways by which airlines, challenged by difficult operating environments, can differentiate what they do and keep their most loyal customers happy. The technological tools exist that mean that airlines can have a far deeper relationship with their customers and be more proactive when there is an issue. In a world where hyper-personalization is becoming the norm, airlines have some real catching up to do here. Here's an example of why it is so desperately important. Recently it was reported about Air New Zealand's new CEO and his stated intention to:
…become a truly great and world-class . For us that means a really great and world-class company can do three things at the same time: they deliver superior commercial results and they enhance the customer experience and they build the culture and leadership of their own organisations
It is worth reflecting on this intention and comparing it to the experience that customers receive. Clearly Air New Zealand is investing heavily in the hardware involved in being a customer-first airline. The development of its innovative SpaceSeats and the fact it was the first airline in the world to receive a Boeing 787-9 is testimony to that.

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