Friday, 12 June 2015

The most disproportionately popular cuisine in each state, in one map

This cool map of the quirkiest restaurant trends around America from The Huffington Post's Alissa Scheller and Harry Bradford shows the most uniquely popular food in each state, according to data from business review app Yelp. This map doesn't show the most popular cuisine in every state -- that would probably be pizza, American or Italian. Instead, it shows the most disproportionately popular cuisine, so the type of restaurant that is relatively common compared with the national average. To get the data, Yelp analyzed restaurant listings for each state, then calculated the percentage of total restaurants that each cuisine represented. In the District, Belgian food shows up disproportionately -- 1,711 percent higher than the national average, according to the data. That is followed by Ethiopian (1,560 percent higher than the national average), African (555 percent higher), food stands (332 percent higher) and French (250 percent higher). In New York, kosher food tops the list at 414 percent higher than the national average, while Taiwanese food dominates the menu in California.

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